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Our gallery of 3D objects, direct from the manufacturers allows you to directly integrate the objects into your floor plan, rendering or any other design presentation.  All of our objects are available in a variety of formats including: 3DM, 3DS, OBJ, SKP, DXF and more.

  • Greatly reduce your design time with precise, scaled pre-modeled objects
  • Native data - 3D models or 2D views
  • Accurate reference numbers, dimensions and available finishes enabling  trouble free ordering from the manufacture
  • Configurable parts/assemblies, for complex features, options, and positions to meet your specific need
  • Catalogues are continuously kept up-to-date by suppliers, so you are ensured accurate objects

Archipedia’s galleries contain a variety of objects for interior and exterior furnishings which can be integrated into: 3DS Max, Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, ArchiCAD or any other architectural/design software and rendering software.

Our 3D galleries offer the following advantages:

  • Direct access to high-end interior appointments and direct contact with the manufacturer of the corresponding pieces
  • Ever growing collection of interior appointments
  • Direct access to high-end manufacturers
  • Present your clients with high-end merchandise virtually before they make their decision
  • Exact dimensions and tolerances available in the product description
  • If you have a photo of an object, you can submit an image, dimensions and materials, and our team of designers can produce the 3D model for you, and also manufacture the master in resin for you.  In order to use this feature, please select “Upload Sketch” on the sidebar.

Registering as an Archipedia user is simple:

  • Create a user account (first time users only) by completing the online form
  • Login with your newly created username and password
  • Begin searching our galleries
  • Purchase credits in order to download objects
  • Select the file format compatible with your design/architectural software (i.e., 3DS, 3DM, OBJ, etc…)
  • Insert the newly downloaded file as an object in your software

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

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